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Faculty of Law

At the University of Toronto, we offer one of the world's outstanding legal educations. To be a student at our law school is to join a wonderful community of the finest legal scholars and students, working together in the pursuit of academic and professional excellence.

Our graduates go on to leadership positions in public interest organizations, politics, business, and on the bench and bar with an education that serves them well in making a positive impact in our community.

Commencing in the mid-1990s, tuition has risen dramatically in step with a 30% real decline in government funding.

We at the law school are committed to ensuring that increased tuition does not become a barrier to students attending U of T Law.

At the Faculty of Law, students are on the leading edge of life-changing innovations, exciting partnerships and opportunities, research breakthroughs and journeys of self-discovery. Your support makes it all possible.

Student Financial Aid

Arnold Weinrib 50th Anniversary Bursary Fund

Law Excellence Annual Fund (Area of Greatest Need)

The Law Excellence Annual Fund supports a range of valuable student co-curricular activities—including our mentorship programs, mooting program, 40+ student clubs, social justice clinics, guest lectures, student-published academic journals, and mental health and wellness programming, while ensuring the flexibility to respond to pressing needs and new opportunities as they arise.


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