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Faculty of Medicine

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine is to prepare future health leaders, contribute to our communities, and improve the health of individuals and populations through the discovery, application and communication of knowledge.

U of T's Faculty of Medicine is a leader in the response to COVID-19 — applying our unique expertise and experience to help Canada and the world resolve a truly unprecedented global crisis.

Together, with your generosity, we are supporting projects with the potential for rapid results and direct impact on the health of individuals, communities and health care systems. You can contribute to our efforts by giving to one or more of the first seven funds listed below.

Dean’s COVID-19 Priority Fund

Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund

U of T, with its affiliated hospitals, has created a Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund to support COVID-19 research that renders near-term results and has strong potential to positively impact individuals, communities and public health systems.

COVID-19 Research Facility and Biobank

Access to appropriate lab space is critical to research efforts. Given the highly infectious nature of SARS-CoV-2, researchers can only work with the virus in the safety of a designated Containment Level 3 (CL3) facility. U of T has one of only two such labs in Toronto, which is being used by many University and hospital researchers. This facility will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Support will help secure staffing, additional personal protective equipment, critical supplies and reagents as well as minor other renovations to expand the facility to enable more research.

Isolation housing and transportation for medical trainees

More than 3,600 U of T residents and fellows are currently rotating across our 13 affiliated hospital sites. As front-line health care workers, they often interact with patients, putting them at elevated risk of infection with COVID-19. By continuing to live at home or travelling to and from work in a shared vehicle, they could potentially spread the virus to family or roommates. Trainees also face long commutes after physically exhausting and often emotionally-draining shifts. Support for short-term accommodation and transportation for U of T residents and fellows will help keep trainees rested and safe while keeping our community healthy.

Emergency Financial Aid to MD Students

Many MD students have been affected by COVID-19 and need immediate short-term financial relief because of unexpected expenses. Each request for emergency aid is considered on its own merits and based on need and unexpected critical costs incurred as a direct result of COVID-19. Expenses that may be considered include living costs, travel home, moving costs, and other extraordinary and reasonable needs.

Training for Front-Line Clinicians

On the front lines of the pandemic, our clinical faculty and trainees are facing essential “pivots” — as practice guidelines evolve, as specialists are redeployed across the system and as individual providers make critical decisions in patient care. To make these decisions and transitions effectively, clinicians need access to the right information at the right time. U of T’s Continuing Professional Development office is working in partnership with each of the Faculty’s clinical departments to be a hub for essential clinical resources related to COVID-19.

Early Career Research Emergency Support

The temporary closure of many labs not associated with COVID-19 research, as well as the indefinite suspension of funding by the Canadian Institute for Health Research and other non-profit granting groups has left many health care researchers unable to perform their vital work. By supporting early career researchers through professorships (3-5 year terms), we can ensure the continued strength of Canada’s research community for generations to come.

Physician Scientist Training

Provide physicians-in-training with financial and educational support to pursue research. Programming includes the MD/PhD Program, medical research opportunities for MD students, and the Clinician Investigator Program for postgraduate medical trainees.

Fundamental Science Research

Faculty of Medicine - Specific Program

To designate your gift to a specific program or research area, please specify in the "Additional Information" box on the checkout page.


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