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Faculty of Medicine

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine is to prepare future health leaders, contribute to our communities, and improve the health of individuals and populations through the discovery, application and communication of knowledge.

There were times I wasn’t sure medicine was for me. Then I remembered the single mother, with limited time to take off work, who missed her own appointments to be able to take her daughter instead. Patients who didn’t take medication because it was too expensive and those with language barriers who incorrectly interpreted their treatment plan. I saw myself and my family in these experiences and realized I fit into medicine—because I fit in with my patients. This perspective will be crucial to my ability to offer quality healthcare to people from economically disadvantaged communities. It’s something I wouldn’t have had the chance to do without support from donors like you.

In a very real sense, the financial aid you provide enables the Faculty of Medicine to break down the barriers many students face. I’ve experienced first-hand the challenges my classmates have had in balancing the demands of school and work, and I am grateful for my own access to bursaries.

On behalf of my fellow students who are also moved by your generosity, thank you for giving us the building blocks to shape the future of the medical profession.

Stephanie Zhou
MD, Class of 2018

Dean's Excellence Fund

The Dean's Excellence Fund is dedicated to the Dean's top priorities as they relate to advancing research and preparing future health leaders. Donors to this fund are supporting faculty, students, and the core programs that face funding challenges, but are critical in improving health care now and into the future.

Faculty of Medicine Boundless Campaign

Nothing is more important than our health - both as individuals, and as a society. Thanks to support from donors like you, the Faculty of Medicine is driving health care forward by preparing the next generation of health-care leaders and unravelling the mysteries behind the world's most complex diseases.

Faculty of Medicine - Specific Program

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Veteran Mental Health Strategy Development Grant

A study which will provide recommendations for improving the care and management of Veterans with PTSD or complex PTSD.

Physician Scientist Program

Fundamental Science Research


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