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Archaeology at U of T has a long and proud tradition. Today, our archaeologists and material cultural specialists - from fields as diverse as anthropology, art, classics, geography, earth sciences, history, medieval studies and Near and Middle Eastern civilizations' are engaging in groundbreaking research across Canada and throughout Africa, Asia and Europe. They are unlocking clues to past civilizations, which can fuel intercultural understanding and advance our knowledge of fields as diverse as human evolution and climate change in the Canadian Arctic. Arts & Science is seeking donations to enable more students to participate in world-leading field and lab research and gain invaluable and highly transferable skills in the new technologies and analytical methodologies that make discovery possible.

Archaeology Centre Innovation Fund

Donations will be used by the Centre's Director for the area of greatest need.

The Archaeology Centre Discovery Endowment

The endowment will offer flexible research funding for archaeological scholarship and fieldwork conducted by faculty and students of the Archaeology Centre in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Joseph W. and Maria C. Shaw Graduate Scholarship in Archaeology

The endowed scholarship will offer assistance to graduate students of Archaeology to participate in excavations around the world.

Archaeology in Israel Trust

To support activities in and related to archaeology in Israel.

Japanese Archives Project Fund

In support of Dr. Michael Chazan's Japanese archival and archaeological work on the Marty Gross Mingei Project.


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