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Faculty of Arts & Science

The Faculty of Arts & Science has launched a $250 million campaign as part of Boundless: The Campaign for the University of Toronto. Every donation to Arts & Science contributes to realizing this landmark fundraising goal. Read more.

A message from Marie

Pictured left: Marie Trotter

It is a privilege and honour to study at the University of Toronto

I am so incredibly grateful to have been awarded the Charles Osborn Moon and Martha Elizabeth Moon Scholarship, which is given to students who excel in English and Drama.

Coming from a family of seven children, I had to finance my university education completely on my own, so receiving scholarships made a huge difference. Thanks to supporters like you, I've been able to have a fully engaged and enriching university experience‚ÄĒfrom being the Executive Producer of UC Follies to directing my first play to mentoring younger students.

On behalf of all the students who rely on financial aid to pursue their dreams, thank you.


Marie Trotter, Honours BA 2017
Faculty of Arts & Science

Boundless: The Arts & Science Campaign Fund

Donations to this fund support students and faculty through the area of greatest need.

Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

Provides financial assistance to Arts & Science undergraduate students.

Graduate Scholarship Fund

Provides financial assistance to Arts & Science students at the graduate level.

International Experience Fund

To fund various initiatives regarding international student experience.

Mentorship Fund

Provides financial support for Arts & Science student mentorship programs.


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