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Anne Holden Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was endowed by the family and friends of Anne Holden. Anne, a graduate of the University of Toronto Mississauga and a long time lecturer and instructor, was deeply interested in and supportive of the academic progress of her students, particularly those who struggled with Calculus but had a strong desire to master its intricacies.

As a result, in her memory, two Anne Holden Memorial Scholarships are awarded annually to a male and a female student, who have shown the greatest improvement in a first year calculus course. This scholarship was instituted in 2003 and the first award was made in 2004.

A. P. Sandrasagra Memorial Scholarship

Dan Fitzgerald Memorial Fund

David Kobluk Memorial Scholarship

This award was established in 1998 by family and friends in memory of the late Professor David Kobluk, Professor of Geological Sciences at Erindale College (former name of U of T Mississauga). It is awarded annually to the UTM student who has obtained the highest mark in ERS325H5-White Fish Falls Field Camp I.

Deep Saini Award

The Deep Saini Award was established in tribute to Professor Deep Saini, vice-president, University of Toronto and principal, University of Toronto Mississauga. Throughout his six-year term (ending August 2016), Professor Saini showed extraordinary dedication and distinguished service to the University of Toronto. Your donation will honour his passion for academic excellence, his commitment to the accessibility of education, and his unwavering belief in its transformative power.

Doris Geddes Scholarship in Mathematics

The Doris Geddes Scholarship in Mathematics is awarded on the recommendation of the Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences to a student with the highest achievement in a first year Mathematics course.

Emmanuel Romain Memorial Fellowship

This award is given to a PhD stream candidate in the Gunning Group lab within the Centre for Medicinal Chemistry who demonstrates excellence in medicinal chemistry. The goal of the Gunning Group is to develop better treatment and diagnostic options for the most devastating and under-explored human diseases, with a particular focus on cancer research. This award was established in 2017 in memory of Emmanuel Romain.

Ferenc (Ferko) Csillag Memorial Award

Awarded to an undergraduate student in the GIS major or Geography major/specialist program who demonstrates exceptional skills in geo-statistics and remote sensing.

Winners will be encouraged to participate in a conference or presentation

Geoffrey Patten Baker Memorial Award

Awarded to the student with the highest Cumulative GPA graduating with a Specialist in Commerce.

Guido and Olga Pugliese Study in Italy Scholarship

The award supports study abroad opportunities in Italy. Recipients will be undergraduate students who can study in Italy for at least one term or a full year at an approved university or institute of higher education. Preference is given to students enrolled in Italian studies or Italian language studies. The student must have financial need and be in good academic standing.

Howard F. Andrews Memorial Award

Established in 1997 in memory of well-known and highly respected Geography Professor Howard Andrews, this scholarship is awarded to a full-time student who is registered in a major or specialist program in Geography with a particular focus on social & political geography, social welfare and healthy cities.

Ian Orchard Student Initiatives Fund

Established in 2010 in honour of his service to the University of Toronto Mississauga as vice-president and principal (2002-2010), the Ian Orchard Student Initiatives Fund supports university recognized student groups who have inspiring and engaging projects or events that enhance the student experience and foster a sense of campus community.

Jackie Hart Memorial Scholarship

This award is given to the student in the Biology Specialist Program, who has the highest overall standing at the end of their third year. This award was originally established in 1978 by family, friends and colleagues of Jackie Hart who was a student at Erindale College when she passed away because of a tragic house fire. She was a scholar and was well liked by her classmates.

Jacqueline Brunning Award

The Jacqueline Brunning Award has been established to recognize academic excellence in Philosophy at UTM. Gifts in support of this award will commemorate the profound impact of Jacqueline Brunningís 36-year career of teaching and scholarship at UTM.

Joseph and Iginia Guidoni Memorial Prize in Italian Literature

This memorial prize was established by the family of Joseph and Iginia Guidoni. Italian immigrants, and long-time Mississauga community members, Joseph and Iginia espoused an elevated appreciation for education. Their children and grandchildren have attended U of T Mississauga and the Guidoni prize, which is awarded to an Italian Literature student with high academic standing, continues to uphold their legacy.

Linda Kralik Memorial Award

Awarded to an outstanding student registered in the Exceptionality in Human Learning program. Preference will be given to students in third year and above. Community involvement and personal qualities will be taken into consideration. If in any given year a suitable recipient can not be found from the Exceptionality in Human Learning Program, a student will be selected from either the Specialist or Major program in Psychology.

L. M. Picchione Admission Scholarship in Italian

Established in loving memory of Professor Luciana Marchionne Picchione by her family and friends, this award recognizes outstanding academic achievement in Italian Studies.

Mississauga Canadian Italian Association Award

This award is given to a University of Toronto Mississauga student registered in the Italian specialist or major program on the basis of financial need. Academic merit will also be considered.

Olga Fraser Award in Applied Statistics

Olga Fraser is a Senior Lecturer of Statistics in Department of Mathematical of Mathematical and Computational Sciences at the Mississauga Campus. Established in 2002 by Olga Fraser with her friends and colleagues to honour scholars, it is awarded annually to the University of Toronto Mississauga student with the highest standing in STA220H5. The student must otherwise be in good standing.

Peter Fantham Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics

This award was established in 1993 by Professor Elaine Fantham to honour her husband who taught at the University of Toronto Mississauga (formerly Erindale College) for 24 years before he passed away in 1992. Professor Fantham loved the campus and was well-liked by the students, staff and faculty. The Scholarship is awarded annually, upon departmental recommendation, to an outstanding student, who has completed the third year of a Mathematics program.

Pynn Family Paleontology Award

This award is given to a student who has the highest academic standing and who is enrolled in a paleontology program. This award was established in 2012 by Dr. Bruce Pynn, an alumnus of UofT Mississauga, to award undergraduate students who are pursuing paleontology and have demonstrated financial need.

Randeep Grewal Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an upper year student enrolled in the Digital Enterprise Management Specialist (DEM) student who has high academic merit and leadership within the program, and demonstrated financial need.

Rotary Club of Mississauga Lakeshore Scholarship in Economics

On the recommendation of the Economics Department, to be awarded to a full-time Year III student with high academic standing who is enrolled the Economics Specialist or Financial Economics Specialist at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Snil Sunny Sahanan Memorial Scholarship

This award was established in memory of Sunny Sahanan, a 2006 graduate who tragically passed away in November 2007. The award supports students in Anthropology who are selected based on a short essay on the importance of non-violence in international relations and world peace.

Theatre & Drama Studies Prize

The Theatre and Drama Studies Prize is awarded to outstanding students in Theatre and Drama Studies programmes on the recommendation of the faculty.

The Ida and Sam Aster Memorial Award

The Ida and Sam Aster Memorial Award in Historical Studies was created by Professor Sidney Aster to honour his parentsí commitment to education. It is awarded annually to a student in Historical Studies or a Humanities program at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

The Pugliese-Bancheri Scholarship in Italian Studies

Awarded to an outstanding student registered in either the major or specialist in the Italian program upon completion of one full course equivalent from the following Medieval and Renaissance courses ITA370H/420Y. Recipients would be excluded from receiving another Italian scholarship or award in the same year. Further registration is not required.

The Saini Family Entrance Scholarship

The award is in tribute to Chanan Singh Saini, U of T Mississauga Principal Deep Sainiís father who encouraged and made possible the educational aspirations and achievements of his children, grandchildren and family members, through his firm belief in the transformative and transcendent power of education.

U of T Mississauga Alumni Association Scholarship

Established in 2009, the University of Toronto Mississauga Alumni Association bestows an annual scholarship to a student who demonstrates a commitment to our Boundless campus through academic and/or social contributions that enhance the UTM student experience or embody the spirit of the UTM Alumni Association.


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