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Pro Bono Students Canada

Pro Bono Students Canada is a multiple award-winning law student program that provides legal services without charge to organizations and individuals in need in Canada. PBSC is housed at the University of Toronto and operates in 22 law schools in Canada. The funding that supports PBSC has been frozen since 2009. As a result, our flagship program, the Family Law Project (FLP), is facing a serious funding shortage. The FLP is at risk of shrinking or even disappearing, precisely at a time when it should be expanded.

After two impressive decades of operating and growing the FLP, we are now looking ahead to our next 20 years, and we need your support! By donating to PBSC, you will help save this vital program that provides legal support to people during the most difficult time in their lives ' the breakdown of their relationship. Your gift will allow unrepresented clients enter the court process with confidence and dignity, help the courts run more efficiently, and help us train the next generation of family lawyers.

All donations made through this campaign will go directly to Pro Bono Students Canada, and will be recognized by PBSC in a variety of ways, including listings on our website, through legal community publications and by our hosting organization, the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

PBSC Campaign for Family Justice


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