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Faculty of Medicine
Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

The Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy is the birthplace of occupational therapy in Canada. It has a rich history of research, and in developing innovative ways to help people regain function after illness or injury, helping them to be productive in their lives and in society, care for themselves, and pursue activities they enjoy. We train experts who investigate the physical effects of an injury or disease, while also addressing the psycho-social, community and environmental factors that influence function.

Department of Occupational Therapy Trust Fund

Donations in support of the Department, for priorities at the discretion of the Chair.

The Judith Friedland Fund for Occupational Therapy Research in Oncology and Palliative Care

The purpose of the Fund is to promote research that has the potential to help individuals with cancer and those in palliative care to create or maintain meaning in their lives as they cope with their conditions and to address their occupational goals.

OT Alumni Trust

To support alumni activities of the Department.

Chair in Workplace Mental Health

To support an endowed chair that will advance research into return to work, inclusion, stigma, and best practice for workplace mental health.

Peter Rappolt Family Scholarship for Research in Occupational Performance and Wellbeing

This award was created to advance research in occupational science or occupational therapy to improve the occupational performance and wellbeing of individuals with serious mental health, developmental or chronic health issues.


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