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New College

Established in 1962, New College is one of the leading centres in North America for social justice, equity, and diversity education. Unlike other institutions, the College offers students many opportunities to test their classroom lessons in the real world – through both local and international internships and community placements. Our courses deal with a wide array of important issues, from food security in Toronto to HIV/AIDS education in Africa, and the expectation is that our students will graduate with the necessary tools to be able to tackle some of the world’s greatest dilemmas.

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African Studies Director’s Excellence Fund

The African Studies at New College is the largest undergraduate program in Canada. It offers students the opportunity to study African societies, cultures and histories through interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary lenses at three different levels of specialization. Your gift to the African Studies will help strengthen our curriculum and support the highest program priorities.

Caribbean Studies Excellence Fund

The Caribbean Studies at New College offers students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Caribbean history, society, economy and culture. Courses in the program deal with a wide range of issues including gender, religion, politics, culture, ethnicity, race, development, language, colonialism and regional common markets. Your gift to the Caribbean Studies program will support the highest program priorities.

Equity Studies Director’s Trust

The Equity Studies at New College is an interdisciplinary program which focuses on social justice theory and practice in a variety of local and global contexts. Areas of study include disability, anti-racism, social advocacy, global food systems, global health and transnational labour. Your gift to the Equity Studies program will strengthen our ability to bring together scholarship, community work and activism in a unique approach to undergraduate education that values student experiential learning.

Annual Fund

Donations to this fund support students and faculty through the area of greatest need.

New College Experience Fund

This fund will help support small and medium scale renovations and upgrades necessary within the College to ensure the maintenance and accessibility of student spaces, classrooms and common areas.

Sally Walker Scholarship


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