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Innis College

50 years of leadership, innovation and excellence.

Innis College is committed to offering tomorrow's leaders a first-class education and student experience. The College takes great pride in its high academic standards, vibrant and interactive community, and supportive counselling and academic services 'all of which play an integral role in preparing Innis students for their future.
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Global engagement at Innis opened the door to a student from Malawi.

Born in Tanzania and raised in Malawi, where instability and a lack of available spaces make attending a university improbable, I didn’t expect I would fulfill my dream of a post-secondary education. However, thanks to Innis College’s student-supported levy that covers my first year of studies, as well as the alumni- and donor-supported Refugee Student Fund that covers the remaining years, I will indeed be able to pursue my academic studies. I’m incredibly thankful.

- Bahati Damien (HBA 2023)

Innis College Capital Enhancement

Supports the revitalization and expansion of the college. Innis has grown to support more than 2000 students and faculty in a building intended for 800. The improvements will enhance accessibility, modernize technology, and expand spaces for research and study.

Innis College Priority Fund

This fund enables the College to direct support to areas with the greatest need, including scholarships and bursaries, student-life initiatives, commuter student programs, and educational alumni programming.

Innis College Refugee Student Fund

Innis Admission Scholarship for Indigenous Peoples

Annual award in recognition of outstanding Indigenous Peoples in Canada (i.e. First Nation, Inuit and Metis) admitted to the first year of studies in the Faculty of Arts & Science at Innis College.

Cinema Studies Fund

Urban Studies Fund

Innis College Library Fund

The Initial Innisians Award


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