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As one of three campuses of University of Toronto, the University of Toronto Scarborough is recognized for excellence in research and teaching, and more recently for innovations that connect students to real-world experience. Our faculty lead discoveries and scholarship that have a lasting influence on our world, from advances in agriculture and environmental protection, to disease prevention and Third World development. Countless graduates have gone on to make a positive contribution to their communities and work places as leaders, entrepreneurs and committed citizens. Read more.

I’m so grateful for the generous support I’ve received from donors like you. My master’s research at UTSC explored how participating in activities of daily living, including shopping and managing a budget, may delay the functional decline associated with early dementia.

In my doctoral work, I’m developing an instrument to measure this resiliency and comparing scores with changes in the brain on magnetic resonance imaging. Quantifying this resiliency may have important implications for identifying those at a greater risk for functional decline and extending the independence of men and women with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.

I hope my research can help improve the quality of life of people struggling with dementia and ease the burden on families and caregivers.

Thank you again for making this important research possible.

Courtney Berezuk
(PhD C.Psych, 2022)

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