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University of Toronto Scarborough

As one of three campuses of University of Toronto, the University of Toronto Scarborough is recognized for excellence in research and teaching, and more recently for innovations that connect students to real-world experience. Our faculty lead discoveries and scholarship that have a lasting influence on our world, from advances in agriculture and environmental protection, to disease prevention and Third World development. Countless graduates have gone on to make a positive contribution to their communities and work places as leaders, entrepreneurs and committed citizens. Read more.

We're both honoured to be able to continue our educational journeys at the University of Toronto Scarborough. UTSC's laboratories provide us with vital tools to help us carry out our studies and excel at our research. Effective collaboration has the potential to change the world, and we continually see its influence in our lab work and across U of T.

In particular, the mentorship we've received from Dr. Bernie Kraatz, bolstered by ongoing donor support, demonstrates a steadfast commitment to our research and its potential for massive global impact. For this, we will always be incredibly grateful.

Soha Ahmadi (PhD in Analytical Chemistry 2018)
Maryam Abdinejad (PhD in Environmental Science 2020)

Principal's Trust (Area of Greatest Need)

Scholarships based on Academic Excellence

International Programs

Enhancement to Teaching and Research Facilities

Boundless Vision: the campaign for the University of Toronto Scarborough

David Candow Memorial Scholarship


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