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Hart House

For over nine decades, Hart House has been the University of Toronto's arts, culture and recreation leader. Students, staff, alumni and community members alike all benefit from the rich ambiance, cultural events and diverse programming happening, right now, at the centre of UofT. Your support will ensure that Hart House can continue to offer vital co-curricular opportunities for students to put their academic lessons into practice, tap into areas of common interest and develop and share new skills and ideas. Read more.

Thanks to donors like you, I’ve come to understand the value of having a space outside of academia where I can explore and engage in a diverse number of co-curricular activities, which ultimately provide extraordinary lessons of their own.

In all my volunteer roles and contributions, I’ve strived to make Hart House a conducive space for a diverse set of students to come together and be creative, curious and thrive in a community.

Additionally, my goals at Hart House have been to make an impact through social justice-oriented activities. I was delighted to co-organize the Afro-Canadian Gala and be part of the Hancock Lecture Advisory Committee, which organized last year’s lecture around anti-black racism.

I’m grateful for your support—thank you. Being part of Hart House has reinforced to me that leadership is deeply rooted in collaboration, communication, inclusivity and equity. I’ve grown personally and, even more importantly, I’ve helped give a voice to some of the complexities of today’s most pressing issues. My hope is that the work begun at Hart House will gain momentum and help build a better future.

Bukama Muntu
(BA 2019)

Area of Greatest Need

Hart House Revitalization Fund

Over the next few years, Hart House will be revitalized, not only to repair and maintain the building, but to help launch us into the next century. Many areas of the House will be rejuvenated to provide an inclusive, accessible and safe space for all.

Hart House Committees Fund

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Audrey Hozack Student Leadership Award at Hart House


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