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Hart House

Hart House is turning 100! Join us as we prepare for our next century as a leading student centre at the University of Toronto.

At Hart House, students are free from the pressures of their formal studies and can explore and enjoy new ideas, people and connections. At Hart House, students broaden their education and find a sense of purpose, belonging and community. For many students, Hart House is the difference between a great education and life-changing one.

In our centennial year, we invite you to support our Legacy Fund Program. This program seeks to lay the groundwork for our next 100 years by supporting our historic programs, revitalizing our cherished building, and investing in critical innovation efforts. Your support of the Legacy Fund Program will ensure that Hart House can continue to be a welcoming haven for students at University of Toronto for another 100 years.

Hart House 100 logo (1919-2019)

Hart House Innovation Fund (Legacy Program)

Hart House was a revolutionary idea in 1919, and continues to develop innovative and exciting co-curricular education that meets the needs of the current and future generations of students. Examples include the Finance Committee working with local high school students to teach financial literacy, the Fitness Centre welcoming youth from priority neighbourhoods and the Hart House Global Commons program which connects students from all three campuses to students at partner international universities to discuss global issues.

Hart House Capital Revitalization Fund (Legacy Program)

Over the next few years, Hart House will be revitalized, not only to repair and maintain the building, but to help launch us into the next century. Hart House is making critical investments to improve the physical accessibility, so that students and community members of all physical abilities can better engage at the House.

Hart House Programs Fund (Legacy Program)

For many students, the niche they found at Hart House made all the difference. Whether it was the debating team, Hart House Theatre, the art committee or the Fitness Centre, Hart House's historic programs have helped students chart a bold new course for their futures. Today, we are looking to re-invest in these welcoming engines of student engagement.

Warden’s Highest Priority Fund (Area of Greatest Need)

Hart House Centennial Indigenous Art Fund

For its centennial celebrations in 2019, Hart House is commissioning a major, permanent artwork by an Indigenous artist to transform its historic Great Hall. With guidance and input from Indigenous voices and other members of the University community, a jury of Indigenous artists and curators will select the winning proposal which will be completed over the next year and unveiled on November 12, 2019 during a gala celebration to mark Hart House’s 100th Anniversary.


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