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Massey College

Massey College is a graduate students' residential community affiliated with, but independent from, the University of Toronto. The College offers much more than a residence; it provides a unique, congenial and intellectual environment for graduate students of distinguished ability in all disciplines to share in a rich and stimulating community.

In addition to the students affiliated with the College, who are known as Junior Fellows, other members of the community include distinguished senior scholars and eminent members of society beyond the academic world. Relationships among all members of the community are encouraged and fostered by a variety of College events and programs, including High Table dinners held biweekly throughout the academic year. A College choir, sports teams, chapel services and numerous social events all contribute to our warm and vibrant community.

The College is a partner with the CBC and House of Anansi Press in the annual Massey Lectures, and also coordinates the annual Walter Gordon Symposium. Massey College is home to the Canadian Journalism Fellowships and, together with the School of Graduate Studies, supports the Scholar-at-Risk program.

The College buildings, designed by celebrated architect Ron Thom, were constructed in 1962.

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