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University of St. Michael's College
The Lex Byrd Award

The University of St. Michael's College has built a reputation as not only a superior institution of learning but also a platform to help students to become vibrant contributing members of their communities. A critical part of this journey is student exposure to sport and mentorship, something St. Michael's College was able to offer in a unique and powerful way.

Nowhere is there a better demonstration of this commitment to students than the example provided by Lex Byrd, the legendary coach and force behind the St. Michael's College intramural football program. Under his guidance, the St. Mike's men's intramural football team emerged as a dominant force in the Mulock Cup League.

Most importantly, Lex has been a friend, mentor and positive influence on his players from the time he started coaching at St. Mike's. His enthusiasm, patience and true love for his players and the game have inspired graduates to move forward in the best traditions of fairness, hard work and loyalty -- hallmarks of the St. Michael's College experience.

Please join us in honouring Lex's contribution to St. Mike's, with your gift to the Lex Byrd Award to benefit a deserving St. Mike's student.

The Lex Byrd Award

Award to support a deserving University of St. Michael's College undergraduate student.


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