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Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)
Indigenous Education Programs and Initiatives

On June 13, OISE welcomed Indigenous children’s rights advocate Dr. Cindy Blackstock to deliver the R.W.B. Jackson lecture. Through a powerful conversation with award-winning CBC journalist Connie Walker, Dr. Blackstock reminded us all of the power of love in seeking justice for Indigenous peoples.

Dr. Blackstock’s call to “get out there and do something that matters” resonated with the more than 800 OISE and U of T alumni, students, faculty and friends.

We all have a role to play in changing the future. Please consider making a gift in support of Indigenous Education programs and initiatives, one of OISE’s highest priority needs.

Your charitable contribution today will help OISE continue to expand our Indigenous programs and activities to include more Indigenous perspectives, support Indigenous learners, and create more open and truthful education and research practices.

Among many projects, your gift today could help OISE:

  • Introduce more scholarships and bursaries to current Indigenous students;
  • Attract talented Indigenous students and remove financial barriers to their success;
  • Develop of a new home for the OISE Indigenous Education Network. Unique in Toronto, this dynamic and innovative gathering place will support graduate student mentoring and community research engagement and resourcing;
  • Provide a much-needed hospitality space for elders and knowledge keepers, and an outdoor, land-based learning environment for traditional medicine gardening, healing and ceremony.
Your gift, no matter what its size, will make a difference.

Thank you for your generous support to help OISE fulfill its special commitment to the truth.

Indigenous Education Programs and Initiatives


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