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Department of Physics

Canada's leading department of physics is proud to offer an unrivalled breadth of cutting-edge research opportunities and educational programming designed to expand our knowledge of nature. These range from traditional core areas of condensed matter physics, quantum optics, subatomic physics and astrophysics, through globally influential work in climate change to the exciting emerging areas of quantum information, string theory and biological physics. Internationally renowned faculty are training future generations of scientists'all in an effort to respond strategically to some of the most pressing questions of our time. Your support will play a vital role in advancing the department's reputation for excellence and innovation.

Physics Departmental Trust

George Luste (In Program) Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate student in the Department of Physics with a demonstrated financial need and academic merit.

Undergraduate Lab Renewal Project

New state-of-the-art learning facilities and collaborative workspaces will inspire both science and non-science students to learn about physics in an interactive, small-group, learning environment.

Bryan Wayne Statt Memorial Scholarship

The Boris Stoicheff Memorial Initiative

Library Renovation Project

This fund will support the Department of Physics's plans to turn the library into a beautiful interactive study space that will enhance its central role in the teaching and learning mission.

Natalia Krasnopolskaia Memorial Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Natalia Krasnopolskaia Memorial Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships provide funding for lower year undergraduate students to do hands-on research work with a supervisor. Students work in the physics department student laboratories developing experiments in new and expanding research fields.


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