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In & Out of Saskatchewan

Genda Limp LandscapeImage Courtesy of the Mendel Art Gallery

Dear friends & fellow Saskatchewanians,

I am producing an art exhibition for my graduate thesis in Master of Visual Studies in Curatorial Studies at the University of Toronto. The exhibition, titled In & Out of Saskatchewan, will take place at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto between June 5 and July 27, 2019. This exhibition explores the complex ways in which artists in Saskatchewan consider place, the role of local institutions, and relations to international movements in their work. Encompassing works from the mid-1960s to the present, the exhibition includes artists’ works that grapple with the modernist traditions of landscape painting and colour field abstraction, as well as those who revisit a sense of place from urgencies that have arisen in more recent times.

The exhibition includes works by Ryan Arnott, Patrick Adams, Tammi Campbell, Dagmara Genda, Roy Kiyooka, Kenneth Lochhead, William Perehudoff, Edward Poitras, and Jon Vaughn. The exhibition shines a light on permanent collections and archives, to offer a rich spectrum of community and histories of art in Saskatchewan. Based on my personal background in Saskatoon, I became interested in researching the contested, international positioning of the Remai Modern when it opened in 2017.

This project is particularly ambitious for a graduate thesis exhibition because the cost to bring artworks from Saskatchewan to Toronto exceeds the allocated budget. Based on shipping quotes from the fine-art shipping company FYM Transport, the total cost to ship the artworks from the Saskatchewan Arts Board in Regina to Toronto and back again will be approximately $3,500.00 CAD. To be able to realize this exhibition, I am seeking your support towards bringing the following spectacular and significant artwork to Toronto, some of which has not been exhibited outside of the province before:

  • A handwoven landscape weaving by the Métis artist and craftsman Pat Adams titled 10 am Any Morning During the First 10 Days of New Spring Growth in Saskatchewan (1983)
  • A group of exquisite paintings and drawings from the contemporary artist Jon Vaughn, including A Place to Hide, A Chance to Give (2019)
  • A stunning work in vinyl by Dagmara Genda titled Limp Landscape (2010) that is a composite of several landscape paintings from the permanent collection of the former Mendel Art Gallery)
  • The original work Offensive/Defensive by Métis artist Edward Poitras (1988) that comprises two large, hand-tinted photographs of a land transposition that the artist staged between George Gordon First Nation and the Mendel Art Gallery, as well as a lead-cast sculptural component

This timely exhibition galvanizes conversations around the urgencies of present-day dislocation, as well as the agency of artists in an international context. Since working on this project, several of the themes in the work – such as access, mobility of information, colonial infrastructure, land and history – are pressing not only on Saskatchewan, but across the country due to the intensities of globalization. This exhibition is committed to rethinking these issues, and of bringing contemporary Saskatchewan artists into conversation with a network in Toronto, something that has not occurred, according to my research, in this form before.

Your support will allow for this exhibition to celebrate the contribution of Saskatchewan artists to the visual arts in Canada and further afield. This exhibition will benefit from the Art Museum’s network that reaches thousands of people locally and internationally through extensive web, social media, and print output, as well as mailing lists, list servs, and advertisements in local and national art outlets. It will include a well-attended opening reception, public programming, original catalogue, and curator’s tours, as well as professional documentation, event photography, and archiving. All of these provide opportunity for print, web, and verbal acknowledgment of support or partnership.

Please feel free to reach out to me or (306) 715-3248 if you have any questions or would like to hear more about the project.

Thank you so much for reading & your consideration.

Kate Whiteway

In & Out of Saskatchewan


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