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Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

U of T has one of the largest ecology and evolutionary biology departments in North America, offering students an opportunity to learn from an impressive cadre of 60 world-renowned experts as they pursue their studies in molecular evolution, genetics, animal behaviour, biodiversity and conservation biology. More than half of the 55 undergraduate courses give students hands-on lab or field experience at cutting-edge research sites in the Arctic, the New World tropics, Asia and the Maritimes, as well as at our own Koffler Scientific Reserve in the GTA. Faculty teach, study and consult on all aspects of earth's organismal diversity, from genome to ecosystem, encompassing the range of plant, animal and microbial species. We are charged with understanding this diversity, at a time of global change, habitat loss and the emergence of novel diseases, and the research informs, among other things, conservation decisions, the management of natural resources and the management of infectious disease. Donations to the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology will support our efforts to educate and train the future designers of environmental sustainability.

Corey A. Goldman Prize for Best Research Poster in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

This Prize recognizes the top students within the Department for excellence in their 4th-year independent research projects and their presentations during the annual departmental poster fair competition.

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Departmental Trust

EEB Community Fund

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology strives to support its graduate students, post-doctorate fellows and faculty in their teaching and research endeavours, while balancing commitments in their personal lives.

Harold H. Harvey Prize for Academic Leadership

In honour of Professor Emeritus Harold H. Harvey, this prize celebrates graduate students who make sustained contributions to the intellectual life of the Department.

In Memory of Joshua Hough

Gifts made in memory of Josh will provide financial support towards graduate students in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and towards the promotion of mental health in the department.

The James D. Rising Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to students with financial need who are participating in a field biology course in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

The Peter Abrams Scholarship in Quantitative Biology

This scholarship in honour of Professor Emeritus Peter Abrams is awarded to a student addressing research issues in quantitative and/or mathematical biology.

U of T Trash Team Fund

To hold donations supporting the use of education, public outreach and scientific research to deliver evidence-based solutions to decrease solid waste and to keep litter out of waterways.


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