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Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Awards: Scholarships, bursaries, fellowships and prizes

Awards: Scholarships, bursaries, fellowships and prizes

Many of our alumni feel that their education changed their lives in invaluable ways. Scholarships, bursaries and other awards help to ensure that others benefit from that same opportunity — no matter their financial circumstances. You can choose to support an existing scholarship or establish your own named scholarship (starting at $2500 a year). Talk to our Advancement Team to learn more. Don’t see your scholarship listed? Choose the “Other” option and add your scholarship details to the “Additional Information” field.

Engineering Student Emergency Grants

One-time, non-repayable financial awards for Engineering students facing exceptional one-time costs due to unanticipated, extraordinary situations. Emergency grants are a support of last resort.

3T5 Second Mile Award

4T3 Engineering James Ham Award

4T7 Bursary

5T1 Bursary

5T3 Engineering Award

5T5 Civil Engineering Scholarship

5T6 Award of Merit

5T6 Civils Scholarship

5T7 Chemical Engineering Scholarship

5T9 – 50th Anniversary Award

5T9 Chemical Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow Award

6T0-6T5 Civil for CAMP

6T6 Industrial Engineering 50th Anniversary Award

6T8 Civil for CAMP

6T9 Civil for CAMP

7T0 Industrial Engineering Scholarship

7T2 EngSci Legacy Fund

7T6 Chemical Engineering Scholarship

7T8 Chemical Engineering Award

8T0 Civil for CAMP

8T2 Emerging Leaders Award in Chemical Engineering

8T3 Award in Mechanical Engineering

8T4 Engineering Leadership Award

8T5 Civil Engineering Scholarship

9T0 Class Award

Group: Calgary Skule Admission Scholarship

Group: Electrical & Computer Engineering Admissions Scholarship

Group: Engineering Alumni Network Scholarship

Group: Engineering Science Alumni Admission Scholarships

Group: Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Admission Scholarship

Group: Mosaic Engineering Award

Other: Don’t see your scholarship? Choose this option and add your scholarship details to the “Additional Information” field.


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