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Centre for Medieval Studies

Nowhere is inquiry into the Middle Ages more intensive, comprehensive and ground-breaking than at U of T's Centre for Medieval Studies. More than 70 medievalists from across the humanities, law and music are affiliated with this nexus of graduate teaching and research and they freely cross traditional boundaries to explore new theories and approaches and push the limits of the discipline. The centre's outstanding record in original scholarship is possible because of the many resources available to scholars through the priceless collections of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and the world-renowned library at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies. At the same time, the centre has exacting standards in training core skills, notably philology, and the centre's Latin examinations are viewed as the international gold standard. Here, language study is complemented by expert training in palaeography and manuscript studies. U of T is seeking to raise $15.8 million to build on the centre's reputation as the leader in North America. A significant part of this effort is securing philanthropic support to complete the Dictionary of Old English (DOE). This internationally acclaimed project is documenting the beginnings of the world's most widely spoken language and constitutes Canada's primary contribution to the story of English.

Ethiopic Language and Culture Endowment

The endowment will support courses in Ethiopic Studies for undergraduate and graduate students, with a particular focus on Ge'ez language and the rich cultural and intellectual history of Ethiopia.

Centre for Medieval Studies Trust Fund

A fund in support of teaching, research, and other activities related to the academic mission of the Centre for Medieval Studies.

George Rigg Fund in Medieval Latin

An endowment in honour of "Nearly Everybody's Mentor".

Dictionary of Old English

Canada's seminal contribution to the story of English, the DOE is an international research project that is defining the vocabulary of the first centuries (600-1150 A.D.) of the English language, using today's most advanced technology.

The John Munro Doctoral Fellowship in Medieval Economic History

This fellowship will provide research support to a doctoral student working in the field of economic history, with a preference for students working in the research field of medieval economic history.


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