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Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Since Leslie Dan’s transformational gift in 2001, The Faculty of Pharmacy has grown from a small village into a vibrant city. Undergraduate enrolment has doubled, graduate enrolment has tripled and the number of Faculty members has doubled. Together with colleagues in pharmacology, our Faculty members out-publish every university in Canada and all public universities in North America. Only Harvard, a private university, publishes more.

These statistics are impressive, but in today’s changing pharmacy environment, it is vital to keep moving forward. Our campaign will ensure this by creating opportunities to respond quickly to industry, student demand and opportunities for innovation. It will enhance our cutting-edge educational programs; advance research that addresses issues relevant to modern drug therapy, discovery and delivery; and build on our commitment to life-long learning. Our campaign will also develop programs and services that enhance the scope of practice and ultimately, the role of the pharmacist in the health care system.

The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Young Alumni Award

Shaping Student Life and Learning

Centre for Practice Excellence

Centre for Pharmaceutical Oncology

Centre for Integrative Medicine

IPG Scholarship

Lesley Lavack Heart and Mind Award

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Class of 7T5 Award

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Class of 7T8 Award

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Class of 9T1 Award

Jennifer Houwer (Kadwell) and Holly Pietowski (MacDonald) Memorial Award

Paul Halligan Faculty of Pharmacy Spirit Award

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Class of 9T2


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