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Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Since Leslie Dan's transformational gift in 2001, The Faculty of Pharmacy has grown from a small village into a vibrant city. Undergraduate enrolment has doubled, graduate enrolment has tripled and the number of Faculty members has doubled. Together with colleagues in pharmacology, our Faculty members out-publish every university in Canada and all public universities in North America. Only Harvard, a private university, publishes more. Read more.

As part of our graduate studies at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, we’re focusing our research on pioneering technologies to help make health care more accessible, especially for low-income communities.

Along with Professor Keith Pardee, we created a portable and programmable system for the detection of diseases through the development of molecular diagnostics for the Zika virus. Thanks to donor support, we travelled to Ecuador this past March to conduct patient and field trials of our optical reader. The technology is also being tested on other mosquito-borne infections.

Our new project focuses on improving access to fundamental therapeutics like vaccines and powerful new antibody-based drugs. These often require uninterrupted refrigeration during distribution, which can be costly. To address this, we developed a freeze-dried platform to make therapeutic drugs on-site and on-demand by simply adding water.

We’re excited about the potential impact of these projects, which includes improving access to health care, providing low-cost personalized medicine and enabling rapid response to public health emergencies.

On behalf of our fellow PHARM students and researchers, thank you for your support and for helping us do our part to build a better tomorrow.

Yuxiu (Livia) Guo & Seray Cicek
MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, expected 2019

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