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Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations

U of T's Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations is concerned with the interdisciplinary study of the civilizations and cultures of the Near and Middle East from Neolithic times until the present, including their languages and literatures, archaeology and history, art and architecture. Internationally acclaimed faculty lead students through an exploration of the development of complex societies and civilizations that have played transformative roles in human history. The study of Islam as a religion and the development of Islamic thought are major concerns of the department. Your gift will support excellence in education and scholarship on the Near and Middle East.

Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations Fund

Donations provide support for the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations' most immediate needs. Funds are designated by the Chair.

Amir Hassanpour Kurdish Studies Fund

To enhance Kurdish studies curriculum development in memory of Dr. Amir Hassanpour.

Ethiopic Language and Culture Endowment

The endowment will support courses in Ethiopic Studies for undergraduate and graduate students, with a particular focus on Ge'ez language and the rich cultural and intellectual history of Ethiopia.

Toronto Initiative for Iranian Studies

This fund supports conferences and special activities that promote Iranian cultural studies.

Turkish Canadian Community Scholarship

Awarded to one or more graduate students per year on the basis of academic merit, with preference given to international students enrolled in a PhD program at NMC, specifically in Turkish Studies.

Friends of Tayinat Trust

Donations support archaeological research at Tell Tayinat in southeastern Turkey.

Canadian Society for the Advancement of Turkish Studies Fund

The fund will support the activities of the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Turkish Studies including events, communications and operations.

Arabic Studies Enrichment Fund

To support special courses, activities, public events and student mobility, in order to promote, enhance and catalyze a greater understanding of the unique contributions of the Arabic world.

Professor Michael Marmura Memorial Trust

Donations support a lecture series established in memory of Professor Michael Marmura.

Coptic Studies Program Enrichment Fund

Donations support regular core courses on Coptic language, literature, society, religion, and culture.

Aramaic and Syriac Studies Fund

Donations support teaching, research, and outreach in the area of Aramaic and Syriac Studies.

Abydos Project Fund

To support U of T's archaeological research and discovery projects at the ancient Egyptian site of Abydos.

Professorship of Zoroastrian Languages and Literature


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