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Sociology opens new windows onto understanding our social world. Sociological perspectives and methods guide innovative intellectual and research agendas in many disciplines and professions today. And U of T's Department of Sociology is at the forefront of the field. Our sociologists analyze social data and observe social patterns to address questions about our society and the ways in which it is changing. The results have far-reaching impacts. Not only do they inform the development of new ideas for understanding social interactions, they also inform social policy, programs and laws. Our sociologists frequently consult with community groups and policy-makers at municipal, provincial, federal and international levels. With teaching and research strength in immigration and ethnic relations, health and mental health, networks and community, gender and family, crime, labour markets and political sociology'the department offers over 5,000 undergraduate students and 100 graduate students inspired instruction on the essential aspects of modern life. Your gift will support education and scholarship in this important field.

Department of Sociology Departmental Trust

Alumni Association Fund

S.D. Clark Fellowship

D. Clark was the first Chair of the Department of Sociology and a leading contributor to the study of Canadian society. This award will support a Sociology Ph.D. student on the basis of academic excellence and financial need.

Ann Sorenson Graduate Scholarship

To be awarded to an excellent undergraduate student in Sociology entering the graduate program, in memory of Ann Sorenson who was a dedicated teacher and administrator. She served two terms as Associate Chair, Undergraduate in the Department of Sociology and was widely admired for her teaching of statistics and research methods.

Raymond Breton Graduate Scholarship

To be awarded to an excellent undergraduate student in Sociology entering the graduate program, in honour of Raymond Breton, a long-time faculty member in the Department of Sociology and Canada’s leading student of ethnic diversity. He has contributed substantially to academic research and pressing public policy debates on French-English relations, immigrant communities, race relations, aboriginal peoples, and bilingualism.

The Dennis Magill Canada Research Award

In honour of Professor Dennis Magill and his many contributions to the Department of Sociology, this award will support the best PhD dissertation or paper published in a refereed journal by a PhD student in the Department, with a focus on Canadian society.


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