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The Department of Political Science's long tradition in political philosophy has enriched the study and practice of political life in Canada and helped bring what is unique in the Canadian experience to the rest of the world. With expertise spanning every continent, the department brings an impressive intellectual breadth to bear in addressing the most enduring questions of politics. Our students are encouraged to think broadly, critically and internationally about the core features of democratic citizenship. Our graduates are becoming leaders in this country and elsewhere; their voices are heard in government, NGOs, business, the arts, law, universities, public policy and the media. With enhanced community support, one of the world's best departments of political science will be able to build a global scholarly reputation and expand the prime research and learning opportunities available to students.

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Political Science Opportunity Fund

Supporting the department's greatest needs, including programming and student scholarships.

David Cameron Graduate Scholarship in Political Science

Established to honour Professor David Cameron, this scholarship will support an international student pursuing his/her graduate degree based on academic merit.

Frank Peers / Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Louis W. Pauly Award for International Study

Stephen Clarkson Scholarship in Political Economy

In honour of Professor Stephen Clarkson, this scholarship supports an undergraduate student on the basis of academic merit and financial need.

J. Stefan Dupre Memorial Scholarship in Canadian Politics

Donations will support an undergraduate student scholarship in Canadian Politics to honour the late Professor Stefan DuprÔŅĹ, a distinguished political science professor and innovative administrator.

Richard Iton Bursary

Donations will support an undergraduate student scholarship in memory of the late Professor Richard Iton. The award will be distributed based on financial need.

Richard Simeon Doctoral Student Scholarship

Donations will support a doctoral student scholarship to honour the late Professor Richard Simeon, an inspiring teacher and mentor, and one of Canadaís preeminent political scientists.

Cranford Pratt / Richard Sandbrook International Graduate Student Scholarship in Political Science

Established to honour two of the departmentís great scholars, this scholarship will build our capacity to attract international Ph.D. students.

Robert C Vipond Graduate Scholarship in Political Science

Established to honour Professor Robert Vipond, this scholarship will support a graduate student in the Department of Political Science.

Ana Maria Bejarano Fieldwork Fund

Elisabeth Wallace Undergraduate Scholarship


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