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U of T is home to the foremost centre for French studies in English-speaking Canada and one of the leading centres worldwide, unique in the breadth and depth of its teaching and research in French language, literature and linguistics. Each year, more than 3,000 students enrol in French courses at U of T, and the scholarly diversity of our faculty members reflects the cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity of the new global reality of the French-speaking world. The department has forged strong partnerships with key francophone cultural organizations in an effort to enrich the students' co-curricular experience, and its high school internship program opens up unique opportunities. As a result, U of T has become one of Canada's most important training grounds for bilingual scholars and professionals. As we prepare students for leadership in a globalized world, we recognize the urgency to better understand the changing face and increasing complexity of the French-speaking world. The imperative is particularly pressing because new generations of Canadians will require even greater cultural fluency in order to successfully navigate a radically transforming global reality. By fostering the vibrancy of French literary and language studies, your support will help U of T to meet this challenge.

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