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From Poland to Russia, and from the Baltic to the Balkans, across thousands of years of shared influences and experiences, the strategically important region in the heart of Europe has given birth to renowned writers, musicians, thinkers and scientists, and evolved unique and profound cultures. U of T's Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures offers undergraduate and graduate students insight into the history, development and recent changes in the literatures, cultures, languages and folklore of a diverse range of Slavic civilizations, including Croatian, Czech, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian. The department is also home to Estonian and Finnish studies. An international reputation for excellence in scholarship and an exemplary record in teaching have made U of T an unrivalled leader in Slavic studies. Strong community support will play an important role in fostering an intellectually and culturally enriching academic environment.

Czech Studies Trust

Donations support undergraduate language courses and graduate research in Czech.

Chair in Finnish Studies

Donations support the teaching of Finnish language

Macedonian Literary Language Trust

Donations support language instruction in Macedonian, graduate research and academic and cultural events.

Polish Studies Reserve Fund

Donations support an advanced-level Polish language course.

Russian Program Trust

Donations support cultural and academic events and opportunities for students to study in Russia.

Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature

This initiative provides free access to electronic texts of Ukrainian literature to all readers, particularly to students outside Ukraine, where texts are often difficult to obtain.

Russian Initiatives Fund

Slavic Languages & Literatures Trust

A fund in support of teaching, research, and other activities related to the academic mission of the Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures.

Ukrainian Studies Trust Fund


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