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Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

CERES is one of North America's preeminent academic institutes for the study of the countries of the European Union, the former Soviet Union, as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Drawing on the expertise of dozens of scholars from more than 15 departments across the social sciences and humanities, the centre offers undergraduate and graduate students a broad and deep introduction to the region's languages, history, politics, economics and societies. A robust program of seminars, visiting scholars-in-residence, connections with organizations like the European Commission and the German Academic Exchange service, and exchange programs with leading institutions have made CERES an intellectually exciting place where scholars, students and the public can explore a region that, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, has continued to undergo dramatic changes. Your donation will support a comprehensive and authoritative academic source of information, analysis and education on a geopolitically important part of the world.

Czech Student Initiatives Fund

Gifts will give U of T students of Czech Studies a chance to travel to the Czech Republic for study, research, or an internship, and provide interested students from the Czech Republic an opportunity to gain this essential global experience at U of T.


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