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University of Toronto Mississauga

The University of Toronto Mississauga is currently home to 13,300 undergraduate students, 600 graduate students, over 2,000 full- and part-time employees as well as over 49,000 alumni.

The campus is the second largest division at U of T and is known for its innovative programs, student-focused approach and environmentally sustainable development.

With a mixed and integrative programming base, U of T Mississauga provides students with a rich and unique experience while recognizing them both as individuals and part of a larger community. Graduates are poised to become the next generation’s leaders who are equipped with the skills to evoke change and innovation in their chosen careers and within industry. 

Cultivating a depth of disciplinary excellence, extraordinary research production and exemplary partnerships with government, industry and the community, U of T Mississauga will address society’s most pressing concerns with solutions that have both regional and global impact.

U of T Mississauga Annual Fund

The Annual Fund supports the area of greatest need at the University of Toronto Mississauga such as immersive learning experiences for students, student financial aid, student and faculty community engagement, and special campus initiatives.

Gunning Group Fund

The innovative work being done by the UTM Gunning Group will revolutionize cancer treatment as we know it today. Professor Patrick Gunning and his team are developing less toxic, molecularly targeted anti-cancer therapeutics that will silence cancer-promoting proteins. Support for the UTM Gunning Group Fund will yield innovative research in novel molecular therapeutics resulting in viable, highly effective and targeted treatment of a range of diseases.

Dan Fitzgerald Memorial Fund

Deep Saini Award

E. A. Robinson Science Education Lectureship

UTM Levine Lab Fund

In Honour of Lynn Snowden


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